To the corporate state of the art IT applications into best aspirations at KUST in order to enhance performance, maximize productivity, and promote research and development toward academic excellence.


The IT Office assumes responsibility to offer quality IT services to students, faculty and staff to serve KUST mission in teaching, research and community services. The IT team focuses on providing users the technology to expedite the teaching and learning infrastructure and aid research techniques to continuously improve on KUST competitiveness.
The IT Team is committed to continuously improving on workplace ease of accessing resources and data, communication, collaboration and networking in any and all ways to promote the productivity of students, academic staff and administrators. It aims at serving decision making and the engagement of the KUST community into the larger society.


  • Closely monitor the efficiency and continuously review the effectiveness of the IT support system.
  • Establish and bring into practice policies, IT standards, resources, services, and data.
  • Improve the quality of teaching, learning, and research through a more IT oriented environment.
  • Automate KUST administrative activities and services to enhance performances and make easier the processes of decision making to improve efficiency and boost productivity.
  • Implement and improve upon state of the art IT infrastructure and technology applications into the activities of KUST.
  • Implement and improve upon means for easy communication and collaboration within KUST and with the larger community.
  • Provide IT consulting and training within and without the university.

Meet Our Team

muhamad IT

Mohammed Abdulmaged

Acting Director

Peshang Ahmed


Havan Wahid

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Bahast Abubakr

IT Assistant

Shayan Nadir

IT Assistant