Printer and Scanning Rules

there are two main Printer station at KUST building, Faculty and Staff can print from their personal computer or laptop using the remote printer driver associated with the desired print location.

and one large MF printer in the exam committee room for printing the examination papers.


Computer Lab Rules

KUST General Computer Lab Policies


The KUST’s computer lab are a privilege for all to share, but as we all are sharing this space we must considerate of others.We ask that you please follow these simple rules:




For Student:

  • Be considerate of other lab users, this is a study ares, In consideration of others, do not talk on cell phones in the labs.
  • No disruptive behavior.
  • Clean up your place after you done with your lecture.
  • Once the lecture is finished shutdown your computer 
  • keep your workstation area neat.
  • No drinks (except water), food is not allowed.
  • Do not install or download any software or modify or delete any system files on any computers.
  • Do not edit, add, or delete material from the C: drive.
  • DVD-ROMs and other multimedia equipment are for university work only.
  • Respect the equipment. Do not damage, remove, or disconnect any labels, parts, cables, or equipments.
  • Do not read or modify any other users’ files.
  • If you leave the lab, do not leave your personal belongings unattended. We are not responsible for any stolen.
  • Remain seated and work quietly.
  • Only go to the internet when instructed to do so.
  • Do not attempt to bypass security restrictions in ANY way.
  • Students must follow all mentioned rules in above.
  • KUST has make any modification on the lab policies at any time

For Instructors: Instructors will have a big responsibility to arrange the lab, because it is an extension of your class and you’re still in charge as he does for a normal class with an extra as they are mentioned in the following:

  • Instructors must report any misuse of computer laboratory or equipment to the Lab Consultant. Please do not have an aide, secretary, or librarian do this for you.
  • No equipment may be removed from computer laboratories or tampered with in any way.
  • Do not attempt to bypass security restrictions in any way.
  • No drinks (except water), gum, food.
  • A seating chart is needed for each one of your classes. Do it once  and keep throughout the year.
  • Student are to remain seated all times.
  • Do not add/remove a chair without having it reported.
  • Switching on/off of the main UPS, lights, and do not forget to close one you’re done with the lab.
  • Every instructor that uses lab, should have his/her own user account on the instructor’s computer and keep it sharp.
  • Once you give back the key, report any damaged part of the lab, even a seating chair in order to solved ASAP, otherwise you may be responsible for that breaking.
Consequences of breaching rules:
  • As student breaching rules could, result a variety of departmental penalty, for the first time the student(s) will get(receive) a verbal warning, afterward the student(s) will be removed from using all computer labs for 1 week. As a repetition of breaching rules (After that if the student(s) didn’t follow all the mentioned rules,) he/she (they) will be take away from all computer labs permanently, which means a student cannot continue with his(her) computer-related works for the whole semester.
  • if a student damages lab equipment intentionally or unintentionally, he/she is responsible for replacing it (all hardware equipment are included). 

Internet usage policy

KUST provides access to the internet to enable staff and faculty to carry out their work for the University. The purpose of this policy is to organize the monthly internet usage in a way that would be fair for all faculty and staff.
The following policy will be applied on each Faculty members and Staff members:
  • Faculty members will have 20GB per month (This means 1GB per workday)
  • Senior staff will have 25 GB per month
  • Staff: 15 GB per month
  • Resident Faculty and Staff within KUST building: 20GB per month, in addition to their monthly quota. 
Please be informed that when you reach your monthly quota, your internet access will be stopped until the next month or we can add more GBs from your next month.