KUST Mobile Application

KUST has been established for the facilitation of student accounts
with this application you can easily reach KUST accounts and you can have knowledge about their latest news. Also with this program you can easily get your subjects , And Download easier Moodle subjects.
Features of KUST :
  • It is very safe because it operates only with the wireless.
  • Have two widget with two different sizes.
  • KUST With two different colours
  • More than 10 international languages.
  • Open KUST Website.
  • Open Moodle account with KUST application.
  • Open KUST page on Facebook.
  • Open KUST page on Twitter.
  • Open KUST page on Flickr.
  • Open KUST Channel on Youtube.
  • With KUST you can always get the latest notifications
This app has created by Peshang Hassan, student at KUST