IT office is committed to offering a wide range of services to students, faculty, and staff at KUST, We do our best to provide enabling technologies that are easy to use and deliver competitive advantage in nearly all aspects of university life.

Printer and Scanning

There are four main Copy Machine at KUST building, Faculty and Staff can print from their personal computer or laptop using the remote printer driver associated with the desired print location, first you should connect to the KUST wifi then you can print.

and one large copy machine in the exam committee room for printing the examination papers.

IP Phones (VoIP)

A VoIP phone or IP phone uses voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network.
Each Staff and Faculty member at KUST are having their own IP phone in their own offices or place of work.

Click here to download the list of IP Phones – fall 2022.

Email Services

Email is the official means of communication at Komar University of Science and Technology, Every (Student, Faculty member and Staff Member) are provided an email account. KUST is using Google apps for education.

Internet & Network

Each staff and Faculty member at KUST are having their own usernames, enabling them to connect to the Wi-Fi-Network. KUST’s Wi-Fi network is designed for students, faculty, and staff, The Wi-Fi gives mobile and Computer users access to the Internet. Wi-Fi access is available from nearly every building on campus including offices, labs, classrooms, student halls, library and some many other campus locations, students only have access to the KUST Wi-Fi at cafeteria and library.

Computer Labs

Computer Services maintains seven computer labs that are open to Students, The Computers are directly connected to the KUST’s network, allowing email transaction and Internet access, there are nearly 200 computers in the computer labs, instructors can access to the labs by using their fingerprint.

The IT Office supports all the Members of the University (Staff, Faculty, Students) by providing IT services, and helping them in every Computer issues.